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Saturday, October 29, 2011


As always Rondebult provided some good sightings and photo op's this afternoon Trashing the idea of the golden hour in the morning is the only time to get good pics'.Granted it is the best time but some patience in the heat of the afternoon also produces good images.Not a huge list as i was static at hide number 2 ,I just wanted to practice my craft. The squacco heron below moved around quite a lot I think it wanted to land on the sandbar in front of the hide and my lens kept putting him of.
Straight afterwords this little bittern flashed across and this was the only pic i managed to get.
I heard these little african reed warblers but they where pretty flitty in the reeds. This one posed for me for about three minutes giving me some nice results

could not help my self with this little fella,chirping in desperation trying to find his mom.

And finally this juvenile reed cormorant chased away the white throated swallow from his perch.
Was pretty hot at 11 when i arrived a muggy 25 degrees c but when i left at 13.00 it had risen to 35 degree c.
notable sightings where the white rumped swift and the common swift. the huge amounts of spur winged goose from earlier in the week where gone. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Todays visit was uneventfull.Ambient temp was 32 degrees c and water temp was 22 degrees c.A lot of scum on the water and hide number one is completely empty of water.The pan at hide number two smells really bad and i am sure i saw raw sewerage floating close to the hide.Hide number three also had a lot of scum on the surface.The sanctuary is looking neat and tidy.Hide number 5 is under construction and should be ready soon.
Little Bittern,Marsh Sandpiper,African Swamp Hen,Egyptian Goose,Spur winged Goose,Yellow Billed Duck,Cape Reed Warbler,Red Knobbed Coot,Common Moorhen,Myna,Feral Pigeon,Cape Turtle dove,Blacksmith Lapwing,Black Crowned Night Heron,Glossy,Hadida and Sacred Ibis,Dabchick,Southern Masked Weaver, Thick Billed Weaver,African Stonechat

On my last post i took pics of these gooslings,they have grown really quickly.

white throated swallow

immature black crowned night heron
marsh sandpiper.