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Monday, September 24, 2012


This Morning was really chilly.The wind blowing was hand numbing but did not lesson the good birding the sanctuary gave up.A lot of Greater Flamingo where on hand in fact the most i have ever seen here at least 70 individuals where present in a mixed flock of juveniles and adults.The ever present Swamphens and Little Bittern where seen at hide number 2. The White Throated Swallows are back as well as Squacco, BlackCrowned and Black Headed Heron.Water levels are very very low, I suppose this is the result of the water been turned of or diverted for the photographers.This in itself is not a problem but the resulting stench and huge amounts of thick green algae in front of hide number two is really not pleasant

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Have not visited at all this winter,other places to explore.A flying visit this morning on a rather warm morning which is surprising as spring day is normally quite cold on the highveld.Water levels are very high for this time of the year but the water is clean and devoid of the green seeds from last year.A lot of work has been done over the winter with new pathways laid out and paved to the hide number two. Part of the expanded works program I must say that the council has done good work here.The wooden path to hide number three is still dodgy and care must be taken when using it, a few of the slats are missing and some of them feel quite rotten and unsafe.

The picnic area is much as it was at the end of winter last year a dust bowl with the grass having been grazed by the resident wildlife and domestic geese.Hopefully the grass will recover in the months to come.The guard house at the entrance has been enlarged and modernised with an electric gate installed. The old house was rather small and pokey. No dumping signs have been erected at the entrance but dumping is obviously still taking place.

Not much in the way of birds today but a surprise where the flock of Greater Flamingoes, my first sighting of these birds in 18 months at Rondebult.