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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Chilly today and rather quite as far as visitors go,some people arrived but are not birders or photographers.Temperature is a cool 14 degrees celsius and water temp is 11 degrees.The white throated and greater striped swallows have migrated which is sad as they have always given me great photo oppurtunities.Little bittern and malachite kingfisher flashed past.Spur winged goose and grey headed gulls have given me the best pics for today.
List for this morning
white faced duck,dabchick,myna,olive thrush,reed cormorant,spur winged goose,malachite kingfisher,cape turtle dove,laughing dove,cattle egret,sacred and hadida ibis,dark capped bulbul,black crowned night heron,yellow billed duck,blacksmith lapwing,feral pigeon,greater striped swallow,lesser swamp warbler,grey headed gull,little bittern,purple swamphen,egyptian goose,wattled starling. i only spent two hours here today .

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