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Friday, August 5, 2016

August 2016

Wow my first visit in months,the sanctuary is really flooded with water almost everywhere.Lots of waterfowl,ducks and flamingoes.My first sighting of a black crowned night heron in over 18 months and two African Purple Swamphens which is also a new sighting this year. Since the problems with the water the sanctuary has taken time to recover hence the excitement of the sightings mentioned above.Lots of Hottentot teal,Southern Pochard and the normal suspects.Blach Throated canary made an appereance and the yellow billed ducks are mating.With so much water around i was unable to access the back part of the sanctuary.Did spot a pair of Common Swifts and also White Throated Swallows.Not sure if the latter have over wintered or if they are new arrivals.

Photos to follow.