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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi all firstly a great birding 2015 for all. I visited the sanctuary today and was greatly disappointed. Although the walkway in front of hide 3 has been repaired water levels have dropped dramatically leaving vast expanses exposed.The dam in front of hide 1 is completely dry.This has a huge impact on the birds. Right now most birds are in the middle of there breeding cycle.No water means the birds will most probably abandon there nests and move on.Not sure what the reasoning is behind the drop in water levels as there is no one to ask right now.

Some poor photographer left a Nikon teleconvertor in one of the hides and the lady security guard found it and is trying to sell it to who-ever arrives. I have asked her to hand it in but not sure if she will do that.

Sightings for the short time spent there included Black Heron,Little egret,wattled lapwing,african reed warbler, willow warbler,red throated wryneck,stone chat, tawny flanked prinia,reed cormorant.little grebe and marsh harrier. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Good news on todays visit,water levels are coming down and a big clean up has taken place.The walk way in front of hide three has been replaced.All the weeds in front of hides 1,2 and three have been cleared, giving good views.The area on the right of hide number two is flooded opening a whole new area to waders,ducks,herons and teals.Today i managed to get hottentot and red billed teal,yellow billed duck,squacco and black headed night heron,african reed warbler,greater flamingo,grey headed gull,little grebe,pied kingfisher,spur winged goose,common swift,white throated swallow and a Rondebult lifer for me African Marsh Harrier.I have been coming here for over ten years and never seen one. Work done here since my last visit is heart warming although still a bit to do. In saying that there s a marked improvement of the general standard of cleanliness that has been missing for the last year.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Have not visited since May,since my last visit things have gone backwards.The main gate is not working or it was not on my visit.The lady security guard refuses to open the gate so you have to get out and do it yourself.Water levels are the highest i have ever seen them resulting in flooding over extensive areas of the reserve.This in turn creates a huge feeding area for the birds so the dams are basically empty of bird life.This in itself is not a bad thing but a fair bit of walking is needed and i was rather lazy. Species list for my two hour visit where. Tawny Flanked Prinia, avocet, moccoa duck,spur winged goose,grey headed gull,black crowned night heron,yellow billed duck,little grebe,coots,black crake,levaillants cisticola,african reed warbler,black throated canary,masked weaver,moorhen and reed cormorant.Did not take many pics.Extensive burning has taken place and the picnic area is a complete dust bowl.The domestic geese are becoming a huge problem and seemed to almost doubled in numbers.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Popped in this morning as i have not visited for awhile. Sorry to say what a mess. Water levels are incredibly high,a few ducks, countless coots and that was it.The winter has arrived here and hopefully will get rid of the huge growth in front of the hides.The domestic geese are making a real mess and i had to remove my shoes when getting back into my car.The door on hide two has been broken,plastic bottles are strewn around the picnic area and generally not looking good. The lady security guard was on top form shouting at me too open the gate as the motor was broken, gave me a surly look when i told her she needed to be polite to visitors and refused to open the window to give me the keys for the hides. She has been a royal pain for some time now and i had a chat to her supervisor to have her replaced. There is a new manager there now whom i chatted to and he gave me assurances the place would be in better nick on my next visit which will be next week.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sorry i have been tardy in posting this but year end was completely off the wall at our company, i then went on holiday and as Murphy law would have it no internet where i went. Anyway my visit was short as i was testing a new canon lens.
Water levels are still very high so no mud flats for the waders to forage on.