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Friday, September 26, 2014


Good news on todays visit,water levels are coming down and a big clean up has taken place.The walk way in front of hide three has been replaced.All the weeds in front of hides 1,2 and three have been cleared, giving good views.The area on the right of hide number two is flooded opening a whole new area to waders,ducks,herons and teals.Today i managed to get hottentot and red billed teal,yellow billed duck,squacco and black headed night heron,african reed warbler,greater flamingo,grey headed gull,little grebe,pied kingfisher,spur winged goose,common swift,white throated swallow and a Rondebult lifer for me African Marsh Harrier.I have been coming here for over ten years and never seen one. Work done here since my last visit is heart warming although still a bit to do. In saying that there s a marked improvement of the general standard of cleanliness that has been missing for the last year.

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