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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi all firstly a great birding 2015 for all. I visited the sanctuary today and was greatly disappointed. Although the walkway in front of hide 3 has been repaired water levels have dropped dramatically leaving vast expanses exposed.The dam in front of hide 1 is completely dry.This has a huge impact on the birds. Right now most birds are in the middle of there breeding cycle.No water means the birds will most probably abandon there nests and move on.Not sure what the reasoning is behind the drop in water levels as there is no one to ask right now.

Some poor photographer left a Nikon teleconvertor in one of the hides and the lady security guard found it and is trying to sell it to who-ever arrives. I have asked her to hand it in but not sure if she will do that.

Sightings for the short time spent there included Black Heron,Little egret,wattled lapwing,african reed warbler, willow warbler,red throated wryneck,stone chat, tawny flanked prinia,reed cormorant.little grebe and marsh harrier. 

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