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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Have not visited since May,since my last visit things have gone backwards.The main gate is not working or it was not on my visit.The lady security guard refuses to open the gate so you have to get out and do it yourself.Water levels are the highest i have ever seen them resulting in flooding over extensive areas of the reserve.This in turn creates a huge feeding area for the birds so the dams are basically empty of bird life.This in itself is not a bad thing but a fair bit of walking is needed and i was rather lazy. Species list for my two hour visit where. Tawny Flanked Prinia, avocet, moccoa duck,spur winged goose,grey headed gull,black crowned night heron,yellow billed duck,little grebe,coots,black crake,levaillants cisticola,african reed warbler,black throated canary,masked weaver,moorhen and reed cormorant.Did not take many pics.Extensive burning has taken place and the picnic area is a complete dust bowl.The domestic geese are becoming a huge problem and seemed to almost doubled in numbers.