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Friday, May 9, 2014


Popped in this morning as i have not visited for awhile. Sorry to say what a mess. Water levels are incredibly high,a few ducks, countless coots and that was it.The winter has arrived here and hopefully will get rid of the huge growth in front of the hides.The domestic geese are making a real mess and i had to remove my shoes when getting back into my car.The door on hide two has been broken,plastic bottles are strewn around the picnic area and generally not looking good. The lady security guard was on top form shouting at me too open the gate as the motor was broken, gave me a surly look when i told her she needed to be polite to visitors and refused to open the window to give me the keys for the hides. She has been a royal pain for some time now and i had a chat to her supervisor to have her replaced. There is a new manager there now whom i chatted to and he gave me assurances the place would be in better nick on my next visit which will be next week.

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