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Sunday, November 27, 2011

26/11/2011 Big Birding Day

It is our national big birding day and i started at Rondebult this morning at five thirty,good light going to be another scorcher today. Surprised i am the only birder here but then we are limited to a 50 km radius of our starting point and have to do three pentads still today.looks like i have chosen pentads that are not popular which is great. My 2 hour count at Rondebult produced 67 species inclusive of the shy and reclusive African Rail.Water levels are pretty low and i think this might have to do with the photographic clubs wanting good photo ops of waders.Might be wrong but that is the impression i get. the dam in front of hide number one is filling up and i see a lot of work has been done. A lot of the reeds have been removed and the banks have been built up. In front of hide number two i saw hundreds of fingerlings so the fish that where put in have breed and seems to be successful. Here are a few pics from today.
The ever present white throated swallows once again producing good photos.

                                                                      Little Grebe
                                                                  Black headed heron
                                                                       Glossy Ibis

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