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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Have not been for awhile ,I tend to stay away during the Christmas break as it becomes a little busy and besides it allows me to go further afield .I must say that the grounds are neat and tidy and the new path to hides number 5 and 6 is complete. Disappointingly the pan in front of hide number one is bone dry and has become overgrown. For birders and photographers alike this is sad as this hide has produced awesome sightings and images over the years. The pan in front of hide number 2 has some rather large and unsightly patches of algae and when the wind turns a slight tinge to the air.Water levels are prefect for waders and juveniles and has attracted teals and ducks.Did arrive late at about 10.00 as i went to Marievale first.See for that trip report.Some nice pics but nothing new and exciting.Percy Mitchell got some incredible images of  a malachite kingfisher fishing last weekend. A complaint was laid that the guards was no where to be seen last weekend and therefor access to the hides was not possible. The keys to the hides is with the guard at the main gate.
a couple of images from today.
                                                             White Throated Swallow
                                                           Blacksmith Lapwing Juvenile
                                                                       Fulvous Duck
                                                                     Hottentot Teal
                                                                                Little Grebe
                                                                        Red Billed Teal

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