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Saturday, April 18, 2015


A disturbing mail from Brian Colahan an Ornithologist from the Free State about Mallards had me rushing off there this morning.A very grey and overcast day indeed. No Mallards to be seen thankfully but a Hybrid Egyptian Goose/Mallard was. Have seen one before ,but a Yellow Billed duck/Mallard Hybrid which is the more common hybrid.

The really good news is that the old security company has been replaced and my nemesis security lady is there no more. What a pleasure. A huge thatched lapa has been erected ? Not sure why. A fitness class of some sort was been done in the picnic area,at least 50 folk doing calisthenics to some loud high powered 180 beats to the minute music blaring from a golf with it's boot open.Water levels are good right now and the water is also clean.

Black Crowned Night Heron,lots of Thick Billed Weaver,Hottentot Teal, Red Billed Teal,Greater Flamingo,Yellow billed Duck , a huge flock of Egyptian Geese,Little Grebe,where among the sightings.

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