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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been visiting other sites during the late winter and getting good siting 's of grassland birds as the veld is burnt back many specials are around. Did a short trip to the southern cape, had a really good photo op with a female African Marsh Harrier and quite a bit of time at Marievale,Suikerbos and the surrounding farm lands.Good siting's of Larks,Pipits and various other winter specials. Today I went back to a favourite birding spot which most time produces really good pictures. A favourite has returned in the white throated swallow. A friendly little bird and is photogenic as well. This intra-africa migrant will breed here through our summer and although very common now produces some really good practice for all levels of photographer.The challenge is catch them in flight. The best i have got is not great but many more opportunities are still out there.

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