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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Been away visiting Marievale and suikerbos. The last time i was at rondebult a fire was burning in the section towards Alberton next to the road.The sanctuary is not looking good right now.After all the hard work done the fire has swept through destroying a lot of the reed beds and all the grazing for the various wildlife on the reserve.This has led to the animals not having food so they have come into the picnic area and made a mess. They have eaten most of the grass in this area and left huge piles of dung lying around.The ANC where to have an event there the Saturday i was there but where moving the event due to the mess.Water levels are still very high and i wonder if we will have any waders this summer.The pan at hide number one is still choked with green seed. I stayed for half an hour and then left.No activity at all besides a few coots and the geese.

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