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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Cold this morning but sunny and busy with camera clubs.Some guys here from Edenvale camera club and a few people from Pretoria.Frost is thick on the ground.
Ambient temp: -1 degree Celsius.
Water temp : 2 degrees Celsius.
Birding very quite feel sorry for the camera guys as they wanted action. Best sighting for the morning was a
Burchell's Coucal seen in the tree next to hide number 2. A couple of glossy ibis and that is it really. The pans are clean of the seed now except for pan number 1 which is still pretty well choked up. There is no surface algae but i did notice quite a bit of algae on the floor of the pan outside hide number 4.Water levels are still very high which is great for the fish that where put in but not for the waders.
Bird List
Red knobbed coot,little grebe,grey headed gull, Egyptian goose,reed cormorant,blacksmith lapwing,olive thrush,cape reed warbler,black headed heron,black crowned night heron,green backed heron,giant kingfisher plus the doves.

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