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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Absolutely insane coming out here this morning. The wind is bitterly cold and is blowing directly into the hides.
Temperature: 8 degrees Celsius [car temp] 1.5 degrees Celsius [thermometer temp] wind chill insane
Water temp : 2 degrees Celsius.
A little overcast but really uncomfortable.
A new lifer for rondebult today .Great Crested Grebe. African Goshawk
 Not a fantastic list today due to the weather.

Black Headed Heron                                                              Little Grebe
Blacksmith Lapwing                                                               White Faced Duck
Egyptian Goose                                                                      Red Knobbed Coot
Black Collared Barbet                                                                        Levaillant’s Cistacola
Great Crested Grebe [Rondebult lifer]                                   Feral Pigeon
Laughing Dove                                                                       Cape Turtle Dove
Sacred Ibis                                                                              Hadida Ibis
Fiscal Shrike                                                                            Cape Reed Warbler
White Breasted Cormorant                                                     Common Peacock
Southern Masked Weaver                                                       Cape Sparrow
African Goshawk [Rondebult Lifer]                                      Grey Headed Gull
Reed Cormorant                                                                     African Darter
Olive Thrush
I wanted to visit Marievale but that would have been crazy with today’s temperatures.
                                          Black collared barbet
Great Crested Grebe

                                                      Common Peacock
                                           Common Peacock Female
The peacocks where in full display today and where actually competeing for this female.I have never seen a female display and in fact did not know that they did in fact display.

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