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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Arrived late this morning only got here at 12.00. Weather is not great but the sun is out after an awesome thunderstorm.
Ambient temp: 14 degress c
Water temp: 19 degrees c
The green seeds are still covering most of the dams but are changing to to a rust colour and i expect them to have disappeared soon.The reeds are also starting to change to that tan colour as the temps get colder.Birding is not great today and the best pics where of a cape wagtail and a reed cormorant.water levels are still extremely high.I used the normal entrance today and it is disgusting with rubbish dumped all over the place.

bird list
black winged kite,white rumped swift,cape turtle dove,white faced duck,wattled starling,sacred ibis,hadida ibis,grey headed gull,red knobbed coot,olive thrush,southern masked weaver,lesser swamp warbler,black headed heron,black crowned heron, swamphen,little bittern.feral pigeon,cape wagtail,white breasted cormorant,blacksmith lapwing,myna,peacock,yellow billed duck,thick billed weaver,spur winged goose,egyptian goose,common moorhen,speckled pigeon,fiscal shrike,laughing dove,dabchick.

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