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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Good weather for the first few hours and then the clouds rolled in and the light got to bad to take pics.Water levels are still very high and the smell at hide number two is pretty bad.Sightings this morning produced nothing new. The water at hide number one has not retreated which is good news. Got some pics of a little egret hunting in front of hide number one. Really interesting fact is that there has been no water here for over 18 months and yet this egret was catching fish at a furious rate.I have some pics with the fish in the egrets beak,not sure if they are very large tadpoles or baby barbel[catfish]the one pic under enlargement shows a flat head with long body looks like a barbel but not sure. I know barbel will bury themselves deep in the mud as the water dries out and then come out when the water has come back.Not sure if this is the case here.
                                                                            Little Egret
 Hottentot Teals
                                                              Cattle Egret Juvenile
                                                           Little Egret Hunting
                                                             Little Egret with Lunch
                                                          Malachite Kingfisher Juvenile
                                                          Little Egret Hunting
                                                  Pin Tailed Whydah Female
                                            Breeding Reed Cormorant
 White Throated Swallows
                                          White Faced Duck
 White Throated Ducks.
Hooked up with Chris Speight and Johan Nel. These guys specialise in bike racing photography and where paying there first visit to the sanctuary. I got the impression that they really enjoyed themselves and where full of praise for the work done here and the condition of the sanctuary. Really good to get positive feedback from new folk visiting. Showed me some settings on my camera and really gratefull to them for there help.

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