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Sunday, February 17, 2013


The sanctuary is looking quite shoddy as we head into late summer,all the wading areas in front of all the hides are covered in grass and waist high weeds,coupled with very high water levels there are no waders at all. I did manage to see a flock of little stints as they flashed past and head towards the smaller water pans at the back of the reserve. This area is supposedly out of bounds to folk but i see no harm in taking a walk up next to the boundary fence east of hide number one.The few visitors to this area will not impact at all and some good sightings are common. In fact ruff,three banded plover,african snipe,black crake are common around these shallow ponds which are seasonal.
Black Crowned Night herons are common here and there are a few breeding pairs so young are regularly sighted.
 The african reed warbler pictured here are continually flitting around.

 This little egret has been hanging around hide number one for over a month and i got some good pics in my last visit here.
 Little stint. starting to gather before they migrate.

 Yellow billed duck

Visit for more pics by Warren. Also try out for trip reports for South Africa.

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  1. Stunning photos!
    I'm wanting to do a dissertation project on water birds at the Rondebult sanctuary, do you think it will be possible, seeing as we are going into winter?
    Sanctuary looks gorgeous