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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Back again this morning,hooked up with an old mate Les.A pleasant couple of hours.A tad chilly at 3 degrees c. The water is running into the pans again and hide number 1 is full again.A trade off , the levels in pans 2 and 3 has risen. The willows are shooting so spring is around the corner. A fleeting sighting of a green backed heron and a nice look at a little bittern .Lots of black crowned night herons basking in the early morning sun.No sightings of the SA Shelducks.

I see the lady guard is back and she can be obnoxious ,treat her with kid gloves as she can be really rude and not sure if she is trustworthy.

                              My first sighting of the African Purple Swamphen this year at the BS.
                  Greater Flamingo
An extraordinary occurrence,this dove actually tried to land on the gull,not sure what his story was and he actually landed in the water ,swam around and then moved on.
                                                  Grey Headed Gull Adult

                                                       Grey Headed Gull Juvenile
                                                               Greater Flamingo

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