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Monday, September 9, 2013


Very warm this morning as i set out for the BS before heading for the office, once again the pan in front of hide no 1 is empty, the continual emptying of this pan is causing birds to disappear. The breeding pair of malachite kingfishers have already departed.Water levels however in the other pans is consistent and the area around hide number two produced sightings of black crake and african rail.A Black Swan was floating around in front of hide number 5. Obviously an escaped bird and hopefully it survives and moves on. Black crowned night herons where plentiful as where Squacco herons.In fact also saw Grey,Black Headed and Striated[Green backed]. Caught a glimpse of a couple of Ruffs skim past hide number 3. Not a bad couple of hours all in all. Still amazed at how many folk still do not know where the keys are kept as there is a sign right next to the gate.

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